Consumer Protection

The Consumer Affairs unit is part of the Consumer Affairs/Environmental Protection Division in the District Attorney's Office.  The Consumer Affairs unit provides assistance to consumers who live, shop or do business in the County of Santa Cruz. The Division offers telephone counseling and referrals to state and federal agencies that deal with consumer issues. It performs complaint mediation for buyer-seller disputes, and also conducts investigations if there appears to be illegal, fraudulent or deceptive practices. The Division offers programs on consumer education through the news media, schools, presentations and community workshops. It also provides consumer information tip sheets, news letters and other publications to help make consumers aware of deceptive practices and be more informed in their buying decisions. The Division maintains an extensive reference file of business names and complaint histories that is made available to the public on request. The Division also provides limited landlord-tenant self help information.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs website also offers comprehensive online information for consumers.

To learn more about the specific services our Consumer Protection Unit offers, click here.


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